Wednesday, February 02, 2005

[a fragment poem, based on found text] By Richard Fox


It is very good to bathe in such weather as today,

when the sun slightly slept
I can not speak anything concrete.

I am compelled to you to speak good-bye,
still interesting and clear.

I have gone still today, into a garden:
there is a monkey wrench in the thorn room.

In the street, in a shadow:
here the present is warm

and lucklessness has developed so
that I have lost loved persons, places and things.

It was huge to mountain
when I learned what it was lost.

In the head may not come at all that
I have an inclination to the grave:

we are very much adhered from childhood.

The inclination practically never deceived me.
Also I think what she has brought me now

and now. On this I would like to add a word:
eyes at me brown; hair, on a nature, dark.

Written by Richard Fox
Date Unknown

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