Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Eye is Dark-Adapted


& the weight of weather
is supported by someone's watching eye.
Something potential readies itself.

Because I photograph this glass of ice again & again
just to see how it looks photographed
I will never have to look anything in the eye again.

Inside there are ceilings
because someone misses
having the sky. There are notions
collecting overhead
because someone sleeps square
beneath the fluted lighting fixture
pretty as a wedding cake
hanging in the dark.

The night inflates itself
after daylight stutters. A luna moth
slips into a streetlamp
overspun with a rash of spider mites
& takes a piece of the moon.

There is a technique to sadness
just as there is to photography;
I remember each step in the mechanics:

first there is the thing which saddens
next memory is engaged all penny dreadful
then there is always at least one problem to be solved:

how do I do this
how do I do that
will I need to remember this


Written by Richard Fox
Date Unknown

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