Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Desire, Desire, Desire...


I see you at the train station—
with our lives dragging behind you

all that time— spent

but it's not you in
black pants—
the way you'd wear yours, a
like I imagine you'd wear now

--Written December 05, 2004 (revised 8-20-05)

I see your figment at the train station
with our lives dragging behind

black pants like yours;
coat like one you'd wear now

but it's only me in a strange wanting,
no stranger to a stranger wanting.
--[Rewritten] December 24, 2004


I am nutritious
Eat me
Digest me
Let my flesh
Feed yours

Let me satisfy you

Your body will
Decompose me

I'll feed your cells
I'll give your heart
Generous pulse

I'll flow through your veins
In your blood

Let me become so much
of you

Let me...
--Written July 18, 2004


So many unsent letters

And unsaid words

I dont want to bother you

I want to leave you alone

And I can

But really

I am dying to be with you again!
--Written June18, 2004


Ergo Sum said...

I like the first version of the "Desire..." poem. That version generates a mental state of longingness, evoked from the long pauses and blank lines... it makes me read it with pause and tension.

The second "rewrite" version is too blah. It reads like just another other verse without any emotion inherently created by the physical placement of the words.

innommable said...

HEY! Thanks for the commentary!

Semperviva said...

i just looked over this poem and i like it very much