Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Truth, by Philip Shultz

You can hide it like a signature
or birthmark but it's always there
in the greasy light of your dreams,
the knots your body makes at night,
the sad innuendos of your eyes,
whispering insidious asides in every
room you cannot remain inside. It's
there in the unquiet ideas that drag and
plead one lonely argument at a time,
and those who own a little are contrite
and fearful of those who own too much,
but owning none takes up your life.
It cannot be replaced with a house or a car,
a husband or wife, but can be ignored,
denied, and betrayed, until the last day,
when you pass yourself on the street
and recognize the agreeable life you
were afraid to lead, and turn away.


Supra said...

Thanks for posting this...one of my favorite poems. Inspired a tattoo of mine.

Anonymous said...

i love this line:

the sad innuendos of your eyes, whispering insidious asides...

Innommable said...

I'm glad you read it, anonymous.