Friday, December 02, 2005

To Myself, by W.S. Merwin

Even when I forget you
I go on looking for you
I believe I would know you
I keep remembering you
sometimes long ago but then
other times I am sure you
were here for a moment before
and the air is still alive
around where you were and I
think then I can recognize
you who are always the same
who pretend to be time but
you are not time and who speak
in the words but you are not
what they say you who are not
lost when I do not find you


amby said...

i really really like this poem i dont know what else to say thank you ...

Anonymous said...

dunno what to say how bout what the fuck it means cause i noe u got no ide

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I really love this poem, it reminds me about someone I love a alot. The poem means that the main character remembers all the time about what the person is like and how he felt around that person.

megan said...

I'm studying this poem in AP Lit, and I'm actually pretty positive that since the title is "To MYSELF," he's not talking about someone else. The person that he is trying to find is in fact himself. He has lost his sense of who he truly is, and with growing up and looking back he is able to find it.