Monday, January 09, 2006


It was fun—
after lunch, after you left—
to be alone with the cosmos,
the porcelain, the prints,
& dusk coming on:

I had gone to the Asian exhibit—
the small dark room w/the pillars—
my favorite spot in the whole world.

We’re alone in every room
with the struggle to abide.

We always leave
another footprint
even after taking the last step.

Did you understand
your cup of tea—
hold on—it won’t be long:
the world itself
is lovely: say it.

Say it.

Did you see it coming.
What did you do
when you saw it coming.

Step outside to believe—
if it wasn’t so easy,
nobody would do it.

By Richard Fox


innommable said...

Truly, one of the most beautiful poems I have read in some time.

Ergo Sum said...

Nah. He's written better. This would be one of his poorer works.