Friday, March 30, 2007

Like a glass of water held by an uncertain hand

Like a glass of water held by an uncertain hand
you contained it

that evening as we walked
along the lake and then among the giants
you were quieter.

Your gait was heavy with- perhaps regret, or
exhaustion from the labor of decision

I heard only the sounds of waves,
the pulse of the city, and the language
of your body muttering to itself,

"I must. I will."

When we sat under the terribly cheerful
white fluorescent light,
Hands folded on an inappropriately
bright orange table

you finally revealed it
with a strength I had felt each time
you'd touched me.

I held on to the all the details
in those sad moments;

Black coffee in a cup
Your hand on a napkin, and outside,
Through the windows, darkness.


TBone said...

This probably is my favorite ever.

"terribly cheerful
white fluorescent light"

bright orange table"

I love it!

Innommable said...

I love YOU, T-Bones!

TBone said...

Umm... it seems as if every time I come to read your poetry it has changed ever so slightly. Perhaps I need to copy and paste it if I want to read it in its original form!


P.S. Dinner was lovely even if you bitched at me about my phone and my inability to refrain from texting my new obsession. : )

Innommable said...

Oh sweetie, I didn't bitch, I asked kindly if you would put it away. Put it away, darling. Spend time with ME!