Thursday, August 11, 2005


It took a moment to go down,
with an awful burning.

"That means it's working," he thought. "Killing
off the bad. . ."

The pain was the only sacrifice,
but not really,
not in this case.

It's only the initial taste
he would later complain about
saying, "The bitter truth
is better taken
with a bit of sugar."


Ergo Sum said...

Ooooo... really cool idea.
What's this about..? I like the idea of bitter truth sugar-coated.
Hmm... very cool idea...

innommable said...

It's just about truth... but if you must know what it's really about, it came to me while thinking about how telling someone the truth is not easy, especially when it's not what that person wants to hear... and it's happened to me, too, so it was easy to write. I just wonder why I hadn't thought about it before...

hehehe... being a thinking being is a lot of fun... hehehe...