Sunday, September 11, 2005

Its façade cold solid silent stone,


Its façade cold solid silent stone,
its windows, small and always heavily draped.

This kind of edifice was
well put together, of course,
Of course, no one would say different.

In such places things are private and secure, people,
behind their walls, never receiving guests, no no, but only
venturing out sometimes because, oh,
there is much too much to hide in a place like this
yes, much too much to hide.


innommable said...

"Pasha wished he could be complete in that way. He wished all humans could atleast have a shred of that innocent pride and frank nakedness. But he was keenly aware of the fact that people hid behind more layers of ostentatious facades than the buildings they erected." from Pasha, by Ergo Sum

with the lights out said...

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