Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It's not in the listening to the absurdities


It's not in the listening to the absurdities
that spill out of your mouth, like milk
from a feeding infant's

nor in the sitting, eating, sleeping
together, as if we were brothers,
that I've come to understand

Honestly, I couldn't tell you how it is that
I know your emptiness, perhaps
we were brothers once, although now,
that seems impossible.

Forgive me if I ever have, I don't
pity you. That emptiness isn't real. It's clear
when you exhale on a cold fall night
and pause to admire the billowing clouds of warmth

In those nebulous formations (I know you see the same
as I do) your life; welling up from within


Ergo Sum said...

Wow!! So coool! What's this about!?

Ergo Sum said...

P.S. Recently, I've been having some germinations for a new poem, the idea is unlike I've ever done before... and I'm not sure if I could even really do it.. hmmm.. but I'm gonna try.

Anyway... so this one's cool. I love the language! I'm so glad you're OVER your Steinian/Beckttian phases of writing con-centric, cirular, play-toys made of words.

innommable said...

two things inspired this one... spending time with Drama and Kelly Clarkson's song Since U Been Gone... glad you like this one... And I'm VERY interested in reading the one you're thinking about...

Ergo Sum said...

Oh don't you just LOVE Kelly Clarkson!! "AWww oHh awww Ohh... Since you've been gaaaooone!" ;)

innommable said...

LOL! I can actually hear you singing it!

Tyrel said...

Reminds me of the lesbian bar!